Syrma Minature Wire Dachshunds Sydney, Australia

 Miniature Wire Haired Dachshunds

Gr Ch Stargang Krismas Knight (Imp UK)
Gr Ch Stargang Krismas Knight (Imp UK)

Our dogs

 "Hugo Boss" our boy from Stargang Kennels in the UK 

Nikki and Yvonne Anastas here we live in Sydney Australia. We Own show and breed Miniatire Wire Haired Dachshunds with mostly UK lines.

Our first Boy Pj arriving in sep 2005 from Townsville Qld from Cheryl Acford.

Next our boy Hugo Boss from Ellen Blackburn of  Stargang Kennels UK followed by 2 more Lady and Jazz also from Ellen.

I hope you will join us in enjoying our pages as I add to them over the next few months or so.

Our name and website

 Ms N & Ms Y Anastas    

Puppy Enquiries

 NEWS !!!!!!!!

At present I am the puppy enquiries person for the Dachshund Club of NSW.

If you have any questions, concerns or need help looking for a breeder just drop me a line by email and leave your phone number I can call you to chat.

You can also ring to have a chat if I’m busy I’ll get back to you.


Nikki Anastas